This is the “Essay” page.

As flexible as a podcast is for both the listener & the podcaster and as informal & freeing as is creative writing, the truth is that formal, well-sourced, informative essays & research studies are still crucial for putting forth formal proposals, legislation and creating new ‘systems’ (for lack of a better term).

This is where those works will be. Some may be rather short & very specifically focused in content & sourcing; while others will have a distinct thesis with much of the content & sourcing that would be expected in formal writings.

Sources will be available both with the writing as well as the sources section.

Kingly Triplets

“So we are here because we believe, we hope, we pray that something new might emerge in the political life of this nation which will produce a new man, new structures and new institutions and a new life for mankind. I am convinced that this new life will not emerge until our nation undergoes a […]

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