Podcasts will be an important part of Ownside.org’s efforts to spread the word & provide some critical analysis of the world. There are currently three general categories that these will fall under. The ‘American Allegories’, “The Nave-Nots” and the “SoloCasts”.

The most recent episode is listed directly below here in the RSS feed and past episodes are archived by categories below that.

  • In this episode, "WTF II: Streaming Thoughts & Connecting Some Dots", Spencer shares a stream of his own "just asking questions"; attempts to reinforce the reality that shit doesn't happen in a vacuum; proposes that many answers are just sleight of hand tricks and provides a fun treat for the Bestest Word. Enjoy.

American Allegories: A more formal interview series where a specific topic will be examined and connected to the larger world.
The ‘Have-Nots’: A series where Darrel will join Spencer to discuss various things going on in the world.
SoloCasts: Just Spencer rambling about politics, philosophy & how much longer it will take for humans to destroy themselves.