“Solocast 3.1: Devouring Democracy Pt. 1”

Part 1 of 2, built around Shawn Rosenberg’s speech “Democracy Devouring Itself”. Spencer presents excerpts of the 1st half of Rosenberg’s speech & then talks about whether society will be able to meet the challenges of the modern world, let alone the world that will exist in the future.

SoloCast Ep. 7: “Meandering Down The Rabbit Hole”

As is stated in the title, in this episode, Spencer meanders down the rabbit hole. This hole; conspiracies & conspiracy theories. He lays out his views on the traits & characteristics of the “Military-Industrial-Complex” vs. the “Deep State”. Is it a 500+ year old secret cult that has mystical orgies & ritual chants or is […]

The Have-Nots Ep. 9: “Cream-Pie’ing Nazis”

What happens when Spencer & Darrel disagree about something? Find out as they discuss how to deal with the rise of various flavors of racist right-wing groups & individuals. From punching & egging racists to ignoring & isolating them: What works, what does not & what is the threshold for free-speech vs. yelling “Fire-in-a-crowded-theater”? Not […]

SoloCast Ep. 6: “Updates, Plans & Hebbian Theory”

Spencer provides an update on why there haven’t been any episodes uploaded lately, lays out the plan for the next “season” of the podcast & gets a little personal about his own struggles with manic-depression. He chats about the Hebbian Theory that neurons-that-fire-together-wire-together & uses his own life to make the argument that mental health […]