Sources: “None Of The Above”; Part One

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“None Of The Above”; Part One

Would you like to fire all our federally elected officials? Are you tired of only having to choose between lesser evils when going into the voting booth? Spencer proposes that we literally vote for “None Of The Above” & at least remove the current slew of grifters from power; so that they can’t do anymore […]

“Solocast 3.1: Devouring Democracy Pt. 1”

Part 1 of 2, built around Shawn Rosenberg’s speech “Democracy Devouring Itself”. Spencer presents excerpts of the 1st half of Rosenberg’s speech & then talks about whether society will be able to meet the challenges of the modern world, let alone the world that will exist in the future.

SoloCast Ep. 7: “Meandering Down The Rabbit Hole”

As is stated in the title, in this episode, Spencer meanders down the rabbit hole. This hole; conspiracies & conspiracy theories. He lays out his views on the traits & characteristics of the “Military-Industrial-Complex” vs. the “Deep State”. Is it a 500+ year old secret cult that has mystical orgies & ritual chants or is […]

SoloCast Ep. 6: “Updates, Plans & Hebbian Theory”

Spencer provides an update on why there haven’t been any episodes uploaded lately, lays out the plan for the next “season” of the podcast & gets a little personal about his own struggles with manic-depression. He chats about the Hebbian Theory that neurons-that-fire-together-wire-together & uses his own life to make the argument that mental health […]