The Have-Nots Ep. 9: “Cream-Pie’ing Nazis”

What happens when Spencer & Darrel disagree about something? Find out as they discuss how to deal with the rise of various flavors of racist right-wing groups & individuals. From punching & egging racists to ignoring & isolating them: What works, what does not & what is the threshold for free-speech vs. yelling “Fire-in-a-crowded-theater”? Not […]

The Have-Nots Ep. 6: “Un Tamale de TabĂșes”

Darrel & Spencer talk about some real chill stuff like abortion, immigration, racism, AIPAC and Palestine — no touchy topics there {wink wink}. Then Trump’s National Emergency interupts Spencer’s epilogue & the Orange Authoritarian’s lie-laden “Idiot-Speak” makes a beautiful fact-checking tortilla to wrap the whole episode up.