Writing will be an important part of the Ownside.org process of information sharing. While that sounds redundant to many, in a world of YouTube stars and digital streaming services, the act of reading & writing is almost a revolutionary act (reading & writing are broadly considered something not typed with thumbs for Twitter or texting).

While other mediums (especially podcasts) will be used, writing will also happen fairly regularly. It won’t be limited to this: but there will be three primary writing “styles” presented.

I. Creative — This will be a mixture of poetry/spoken word influenced or fiction stories of some sort.

II. Editorials — The editorials will be more formal than the “Creative” writing, but won’t be reliant necessarily upon a specific research subject. Spencer has been a published in several publications and those — as well as other future publications — will be located here.

III. Essays — The “Essays” will be formal & based on either a specific reference or will be reference heavy in their content. These will be more in the vein of formal academic writing or a more journalistic in nature as far as the reliance on sourced material.

Sources for these writings (when applicable) will be present generally with the writing itself but will also be on the “Sources” page under the information menu.