About Ownside.org

The word “Ownside” is a play off “ownlife” from George Orwell’s book 1984. “Ownlife’ is a newspeak term that refers to the subversive act of being individualistic. It refers to what one does outside the purvey of Big Brother – from taking solitary walks to having your own thoughts to any other activities done beyond the view of the telescreens.
The “.org” arose because “Ownside” was also the name of a band. Ownside’s drummer, Spencer Crowl, was also active in grassroots organizing in Austin, Tx – and so to distinguish the organizing Ownside from the band he was in, the “.org” was added. While the band is no longer active, the .org lives on.
Spencer went to Austin Community College before transferring to Texas State University where he studied Political-Science & Philosophy. After getting faculty approval to pursue his thesis through TSU’s philosophy department, the price tag of graduate school came. Education being very expensive, Spencer moved back to Topeka, KS to save up for his graduate studies. After several years of working in public education (& hence not saving up much), he decided it was just time to re-launch Ownside.org.

The goal has always been to get ‘here’ anyway.

To create a way to provide productive thoughts to the public discourse, to act as a counter to the destructive forces in society and to work towards minimizing our own harms within said society. Too many just complain and blame: Ownside.org’s purpose is to provide productive ideas to the public discourse and propose solutions. Its a treacherous road to search out the new & explore the uncharted, but we can no longer afford this downward spiral of lesser evils.
It will take a holistic, comprehensive and collective effort to connect-the-dots of injustice; and to then correct them so that the world inherited by future generations will be better than what we have now.

There is nothing that must be done that can be done not all as one.

Think for yourself.

Don’t pick sides: have your Ownside.