Sources: ‘SoloCast’ #5; “Fuck Racism”

The sources list for SoloCast episode 5; “Fuck Racism”.

The Washington Post. “How Proposition 8 passed in California — and why it wouldn’t today”.

National Geographic. “There’s No Scientific Basis for Race — It’s a Made-Up Label: Its been used to define and separate people for millennia. But the Concept of race is not grounded in genetics”.

Harvard University: Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. “How Science and Genetics are Reshaping the Race Debate of the 21st Century”.

Racial Equity Tools. “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack”.

Racial Equity Tools. “The Role of Prejudice and Discrimination in American’s Explanation of Black Disadvantage and White Privilege”.

“The Bestest Word”
“The science of skin color — Angel Koine Flynn”

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