Pinning Tails on Donkeys

Pinning tails on donkeys (that hang in trees)

In the year that our door turned round, 22+1984
This is the day that I say you shall see how we were sold out
As the days scream by and the hours sing, our muses redeem and we celebrate our deals
In defeat we screamed and cried and spoke of theft and lies
But in victory, caterers we have become to whims and scrimps
For that which was left on the table of scraps
I tried once to define the lie and to aggravate a state that perpetuates hate
Asked time and time again- why and what is this question of pride?
At what time did a Christian-Sparta truly arise?
At what time did patriots find pride in the chronological lines?
When the nuclear skies fall from Allah’s eyes don’t say it wasn’t tried
To spread word that declared an unfair affair in the promised land
Demanded again that silence was not allowed and again was smacked back down
Demanded again that common sense was embraced and again was reminded of how
We tend to go about just protecting ourselves
Instead we should draw a line, we should demand a time that we define
But once again a new closet and a new boogey man became what is Him
And as I screamed for assistance I found only resistance
As those who embraced luxury spas and embraced conventional protocols
And as traditional lines move more right,
The center became redrawn along more pre-fathomed lines
Disguised in compromise and mass decries of changing tides
We find ourselves swimming in lies- and delusions
Searching for ways to eliminate corruption and collusion
A new beast for moving our hope across the hot desert sands
But alas, we is left with the same old sorry classes of jackasses


*For decades donkeys have played elephant memory games
And for decades we have played tag about burning flags and fags
Sad to say but donkeys lack integrity
Donkeys once dressed in sheets- once split to resist progress-
Have since constantly granted successions
Insistence upon resistance?
For instance when was I last defended?

Blindfolded, go ahead and give me a spin, a hint and a sharp instrument
Directed towards where donkey-crats left benevolent aristocrats
Where trees cast shadows of spinning decorated coordinated innocents
Pinning the tail on the jackass is easy when their shit is just upwind*


Devastation breeds creation and elation becomes desensitization
As though this has all been done before yet we find ourselves repeating the same logic course


The last time a sweep was issued brooms where set on fire
Our tired were ordered outdoors and scores were shelled out over shores
Ignored again I am sure, or at least manipulated and played upon
Used and abused like an altar boy on Christmas day,
What do you want to hear about the Yule time fray?
Jesus was black and my gifts are stacked
Under a solstice tree with pagan roots
Happy holidays all, the sales are strong and interest rates are holding
Disposing of pandemonium is as easy as logging onto
PS and coincidinkly- donkeys hold home residences next to cheapcrapmart
They also caused that other v war that wasn’t v for victory
It seems as though the U.S of Amnesia has forgotten our history
It was a long day when time zones made 2 days in 1 seem like a real Nag
A Saki bomb later and shrimp were turned into Shima
and Congratulations now a donkey has become a Hiro
So to the future of our endeavor I guess we will devour
A spicy feast at our big home that in the long run will turn sour
And the hour will arise when we may find ourselves asking how
Now allow the warning to be heard that placing faith in donkeys that cower
Adds no more stability to our already seriously compromised towers
And powers that be that continue to pee will spring leaks
So seek refuge in the truth and be set free, hold fast to a flawed past
And fact is you may find yourself asking what happened to the last chance


*For decades these stupid donkeys have played elephant memory games
And for too many decades the people have suffered pointless rants about burning flags
How many times must I say these donkeys lack integrity
Donkeys were the first to dress in sheets- have split and spit to resist progress
They have ever since constantly lost successes


Why my insistence upon resistance?
Give me one instance when I was actually defended


Blindfolded, I don’t care, give me a spin, a hint and a sharp instrument
Think back to the trees where donkey-crats left a couple benevolent aristocrats
The trees that cast shadows on the dams,
The spinning decorated coordinated innocents
Pinning the tail on the jackasses aint tough since their shit is right upwind*


We must demand an end to this corporate slave cooperative state
A shield for elephants and donkeys to run the lives of US human beings
When fatcats and backscratchers get together you will only have fiestas de compliments
So which fatass and which jackass are your trusting?
At which bend of the well thought out path did you blindly drive off at?
A left turn here or there and some say crazy-
Denying where the ground really is just means it hurts that much more when you finally come crashing down
Knowing what I do now and if I could go back,
I would’ve looked for the ground long ago
While the donkeys have moved more and more with an ever shrinking mass
The populace becomes more maligned
Lingering in the back hallways,
Ushered out of sight to foster a state similar to that of out of mind
We must decide to embrace the ever exponentially expanding pace
Of the disillusioned, ignored, and exiled human race
Parts of the population with no political relation except betrayal and exploitation
Entire segments that live under our noses in worlds of their own
Despised and denied by even those who proclaim to love
How often we end up hating those that really just need a hug
How sad it is that we cant then apologize and take blame for what we did

A time or two, or probably many more to the power of-
I have punched when I should’ve given a hug,
And pissed maybe where it may have been in better taste to have kissed
But in a pinch, it is best to side with those who will fight for every inch
Not barter away trade before the ship is even on its way

*For too many decades these damn donkeys have played the stupid elephant memory games
And for too many decades we the people have had to play tag about burning flags and about burning fags
It hurts to say but the damn donkeys lack integrity
Donkeys were the first and have repeatedly dressed in sheets-
They have split and spit and killed to resist progress-
And have ever since constantly granted successions
Why my insistence upon resistance?
Name me one instance in which the donkeys actually defended

You can blindfold me, go ahead and give me a couple of good spins,
Don’t need any hints, just a sharp instrument
I will picture where donkey-crats left a benevolent aristocrat
And see the trees that cast shadows of beaten spinning decorated coordinated innocents
Pinning the tail on the jackasses is easy since their shit has always been right upwind*


So to end the demand for donkey compromisers we must stand up to them
We must prepare for their failure and plan to take the way
Not by sectarian dementia and hyperactive territorialism
But by uniting in solidarity and a recognition of connections
Intersections of oppressions and coordination of the coronations
Inaugurating enablers deepens the grave that must be dug out of
And to lack direction leaves one as a grain of sand
Caught in the updraft of the depleted uranium winds
Commencement begins where G.E.D.s and Juvie records blend
Yet to pretend that capturing them post brain bending is more effective than just telling them to not talk to strangers and recruiters
Sure sounds like treading in rough waters
And in similar fashion I don’t want factions but I want an end to provocations
End ALL the violent fucking occupations and maybe the lions will stop trying to bite
You cant win when victory means multiplying the enemies
The more victories we achieve the longer we create an enemy we can perceive
Its not an attempt to deceive or mislead to say that there is more than 1 reason for gravity
It is but common sense and logical to say that a variety of traits push and pull- stretch and strain- teach and train US to learn to say
It is only in our own selfish ways that we stay so far behind the fray
If the sword didn’t have the two sides it wouldn’t work nearly as well
So don’t be afraid to open up discussion and remember obsessions are not good
The first rule of all action is disconnection from reactions
If a rally were favorable then chances are a rally wouldn’t be necessary
Similar to bad service, we don’t celebrate getting an order right
So if you are looking for photo ops and co-opted opportunities
Look no further than donkey murtha and donkey pelosi
Its not death that’s the problem, its who’s dying

Impeach what?
War criminals, that’s what- Know of any?
I do, maybe even a few.

*No more damn donkeys and no more playing the stupid fucking elephant memory games
For too many damn decades we have played stupid games of tag about burning flags and burning fags
The damn donkeys have lost all their integrity
Donkeys coined the whole dressing in sheets thing-
They have raped and killed to resist progress
They have since constantly profited from other’s successes
I absolutely insist upon resistance
Because I have never been defended

You could blindfold me, spin me around, give me wrong hints and no sharp instruments
Direct me away from where the donkey-crats left a few benevolent aristocrats
I will still know where the trees cast their shadows on the dams
Buried within were the beaten mutilated desecrated decorated naked coordinated innocents
And I will pin the tail on the jackasses because its their sellout shit that has always been right upwind*

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