These are the “Solocasts”. The Solocasts will be when Spencer is chatting by himself.

Episodes are listed below.

Solocast 3: “How It Should Be Booked; Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi — or?”

In this third Solocast, we get the first in a future series — “How It Should Be Booked”. A broad view is taken on the Democrat’s election of Nancy Pelosi to Speaker of the House and after some critical analysis: what does her election demonstrate to voters, is the rhetoric supported by actual votes & is this scenario the best of all possible scenarios?

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Solocasts Ep2: Externalizing Our Blackwaterization

Spencer talks about externalizing the Mattis resignation, prognosticates Trump’s Blackwaterization of the military & challenges Democrats to remember their troop withdrawal outrage next time they ask why leftists won’t support them. Podcast

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SoloCast Pilot

Solocasts Pilot; Spencer lays out some background & basics

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