Ownside.org Cast: D&Me Episode 1

Spencer’s buddy Darrel joins for what will most likely be a regular series — “D&Me”. In this episode we discuss what Darrel calls Spencer’s “Twitterness”, when comic books invade Spencer’s Twitter politics. Its comic books vs. reality in this ‘pilot’ “D&Me” episode. Ownside.org Podcast

SoloCast Pilot

Join Spencer for the inaugural Ownside.org Podcast. In this episode, Spencer will just lay out some basic information, some general positions & some thoughts on where he’d like to see this go. When Spencer is chatting alone, the ‘series’ will be titled “SoloCasts”. Ownside.org Podcast

Kingly Triplets

“So we are here because we believe, we hope, we pray that something new might emerge in the political life of this nation which will produce a new man, new structures and new institutions and a new life for mankind. I am convinced that this new life will not emerge until our nation undergoes a […]

D & Me Ep #1 Sources

Barbara Lee 9/11 Congressional Speech Cohen Vs. California Supreme Court Case Nancy Pelosi VoteSmart Voting Record Spencer’s Comic Book “Twitterness”  

Essay 1

Just need another post to put somewhere other than on the creative page — though the PTD post isn’t showing up there.

Pinning Tails on Donkeys

A poem about how the perception of the democrats doesn’t really match the reality.

OwnsidE.org launching

Welcome to OwnsidE.org. This website & the associated media are currently under construction & syncing. Thank you for your patience. Please remember to think for yourself & don’t just pick sides; Have your OwnsidE.